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  • Who To Make Service Reminder Letter Template Sample

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    [Company Letterhead]

    [Address of Company]

    [Community, Zip code]


    [Name of Recipient]

    [Address of Recipient]

    [Community, Zip code]

    Dear [Name of Recipient],

    I am reminding you that your [car make] [model] was due for oil and fuel filter change and safety inspections last [inspection due date]. I urge you to call me immediately at [sender phone number] so we can schedule you an appointment to service your vehicle as soon as possible.

    The following are a few simple tips in taking proper care of your vehicle:

    [Insert tips for vehicle maintenance]

    [Name of company] has designed your vehicle to provide you with an optimal enjoyable driving experience. By making sure to take care and follow your scheduled maintenance checks and services, you are not only ensuring your own safety but also making sure that your vehicle can be sold at its maximum value when you trade it in or sell it.

    For any questions and other inquiries regarding the proper maintenance of your vehicle, please do not hesitate to call us with the numbers provided for below.


    [Name of Sender]

    [Position or Job Role]

    [Contact information]

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