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    Dear [Name of Addressee];

    It has come to the concern of [name of company] that [state unacceptable action or behavior warranting warning letter] despite the repeated verbal warnings from the Human Resources Department. Due to this, we would like for you to treat the following letter as a warning for such unacceptable employee behavior.

    We would like to note that the department has received complaints from co-workers regarding your behavior, and thus brought to our attention the issue at hand. Among the complaints are as follows: [list complaints in detail].

    Although you have undoubtedly been an asset to the company, and have achieved success during your employment in part due to your intelligence and determination, we cannot excuse bad employee behavior as stated by the company’s employee handbook. We consider said behavior/s to be a serious breach of conduct and thus warn you against your actions. Should you fail to improve your behavior and refuse to bring changes to your conduct while in company premises, we will be forced to take more serious actions which may include suspension or termination as the company sees fit.

    Should you find these allegations to be unjust, you may air your grievances to the Human Resources Department or any person in management and have a conversation regarding the issue.

    We expect you to be in better behavior and observe conduct hereafter.


    [Your Name and Signature]



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