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    [Name of Employer]

    [Job role or title]

    [Name of Company]

    [Address of Company]

    [Community, Zip code]


    [Name of Employee]

    [Address of Employee]

    [Community, Zip code]

    Dear [Name of Employee],

    After careful review of your performance for the month of [name of month], I have observed that your performance has been unsatisfactory and not up to the standards agreed upon employment. This letter serves as a written warning for you to do something urgently to improve your performance.

    The following incidents have made your performance below expectations:

    [state incidents or facts to support claim of unsatisfactory performance]

    In fairness to your previous stellar performances, I am giving you this chance to improve your performance and elevate it to the same status as before.

    I am hoping you will take important heed to my advice and begin showing results soon lest the company reconsiders retaining your employment.


    [Signature of Employer]

    [Name of Employer]

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