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    Dear [Name of Addressee];

    This letter serves as an official warning regarding the seriousness of your recent unauthorized absence from work.

    It has come to the company’s attention that on [date[ you took leave from work without a formal request, nor did you receive prior permission from your manager. In the absence of mitigating emergency circumstances, such behavior is seen by the company as a sign of gross negligence of an employee’s duties, as well as the company’s employee attendance policy.

    We at [name of company] value attendance and consider it to be an important factor in our employees’ position. It is our hope that from here on out, you will adhere to our company’s attendance policies and expectations to avoid further disciplinary actions.

    If any additional unauthorized absence or late arrival occurs on your part, please note that you will be subject to further disciplinary action, including termination if the company sees fit. Kindly treat this matter with urgency and seriousness as it so demands to continue your employment in the company. A copy of this warning letter shall also be enclosed in your official personnel file for record-keeping purposes.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    [Name and Signature]


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