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    Dear [Name of Addressee];

    It has come to our attention that in recent weeks, we noticed a lack of attention on your part regarding the company guidelines on appropriate attire in the office place.

    This letter serves as a reminder that the employee handbook discusses in detail what is considered appropriate attire for employees in the company. While we do not mean to restrict our employees’ freedom of expression, the company believes its employees should always be dressed professionally in the premises. Our clients and customers have come to rely on our company not only based on the quality of our service/merchandise, but on our level of service as well, and dressing appropriately keeps to such model.

    Please take note that the articles of clothing not allowed in the company include the following: [List articles of clothing not allowed as stated in employee handbook]:

    For further reference, please consult the employee manual or check with the human resources office if you have any questions pertaining to the dress code.  Employees who are deemed improperly attired can be sent home for the day. Repeated violations regarding proper dress code can be subject to further disciplinary action, including termination as the company finds necessary.

    Thank you for your attention and consideration of this matter.


    [Your name and signature]


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