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    [Name of Employee]

    [Address of Employee]

    [Community, Zip code]

    Dear [Name of Employee],

    This letter is issued as a written warning for your unacceptable conduct or behavior shown during [cite incident or event including persons involved] at [location].

    After numerous verbal warnings from your direct superior, you have been caught on many instances [state violation or improper behavior]. As per the employee handbook, [state rule or tenet from handbook that is being violated]

    [Provide further explanation regarding employee rule, exemptions and limitations]

    Since this may prove to be a momentary lapse in judgment, I am willing to overlook such behavior but sternly advice you to refrain from doing such unacceptable behavior again.

    I am warning you that committing the same violation again will be deemed as insubordination and shall have grave consequences which can lead to possible termination.


    [Signature of Employer]

    [Job position or role]

    [Name of Company]

    [Address of Company]

    [Community, Zip code]

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