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    Name of Client


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    Dear [Name of Address#];

    Greetings! I am writing to inform you that [Name of Company] will no longer be serving your business. Effective [date], your contract agreement with the company shall be terminated. [Also include whether or not the termination is subject to renegotiation or if the decision is not reversible].

    Listed below are the reasons for terminating our business contract with your company:
    [List in detail the reasons for termination of services, including monetary or deadline purposes if applicable].

    Services scheduled before the termination of contract shall still be effective and enforceable. All payments still pending are to be made to the company accordingly via cash or cheque. Should you find the need to raise questions regarding the termination of our company’s services to yours, please feel free to reach me via phone or email during office hours. My contact details are as follows:

    Phone Number:

    Email Address:

    Thank you so much for understanding our position in this situation, and on behalf of [name of company], we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


    [Your name and signature]


    Name of Company

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