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    Name of successful applicant


    City, State, Zip Code

    Dear [insert name of address#];

    I am pleased to appoint you as the new [teaching position] at [name of school, college or university] beginning [start date].

    The terms and conditions of your employment are attached. You may discuss the appointment with your family, union, or lawyer for legal advice. However, if there is anything that you may not be clear about, disagree with, do not fully understand, or want to discuss, you may also approach me so that we can discuss your concerns in detail.

    Should you agree to the proposed terms and condition, and are therefore willing to accept this appointment, please sign the copies of this letter, as well as the employment agreement, and return to the Human Resources Department by [insert date]. If we don’t get a response by 5PM by the set date, the offer will automatically be withdrawn.

    Welcome to the team, we look forward to working with you.


    [Your Name and Signature]


    Name of Company


    I, [insert name of successful applicant], have read and reviewed the terms and conditions of employment set forth by my employer through this letter. I have herein attached the employment agreement. By signing this document, I agree to accept this offer, and that I fully understand the circumstances in this agreement as well as the terms and conditions set forth by the employer.

    Signed by: (Name and Signature) Date:

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