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    [New Employee Name]

    [New Employee Address]

    [City, State Zip Code]

    Subject: Statement of New Employment Letter

    Dear Mr./Ms. [Name],

    On behalf of the [Department] and the entire recruitment team, I would like to formally welcome you to [Name of Company]. I am glad that you have accepted our offer for a full-time position working as [Position] under [Name of Supervisor]. You will be compensated at a starting salary rate of [State Amount] per hour/day, paid on a bi-weekly/bi-monthly basis, and you will serve a probationary period of [N] months.

    We are pleased to have you join us in fulfilling the mission of the organization.

    We look forward to seeing you on [Employee Start Date and Time] at [Place of Work]. You will be introduced to your co-workers, supervisors, managers, and other colleagues during your first few weeks. They will serve as your resources to help you with your new responsibilities.

    We are excited to have you work with us and we want to give you the best assistance possible to ensure your success in your new role. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. Looking forward to a positive and healthy working relationship with you.


    [Your Name]


    [Company Name]

    [Phone Number]

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