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  • Simple Offer Letter Format for Corporation Sample

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    [Company Name]


    [Employee Name]

    [Employee Address]

    City, State, Zip code

    [Contact Number]

    Dear [Employee Name],

    [Company Name], a [State] corporation, is glad to offer you employment with the Company subject to the following terms and conditions.

    1. Position. You shall take the full time position of [Role or Position] reporting to [Name of immediate superior and role] in [Name of Department] on [Employment Start Date]. Your main tasks and responsibilities shall be [List of tasks and responsibilities].

    1. Compensation and Benefits. You will have a salary of [Amount] paid [weekly/monthly]. You shall receive company benefits which will be discussed further when you come in.

    1. Stock Options. You shall be allowed the option to purchase shares of the Company’s common stock. [Provide here additional conditions regarding Company stock purchases]

    Upon acceptance of this offer, please forward a signed hard copy to the company address provided below.  This offer shall be valid until closing of business hours on [Expiry Date].

    For any other questions and clarifications, please feel free to contact me through the information written below.

    Very truly yours,


    [Name of Company Representative]

    [Role or Position]


    [Contact Information]

    Accepted by:


    [Employee Name]

    [Date Signed]

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