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    [Name of Hiring Resources Manager]

    [Name of School or University]

    [Address of School or University]

    [Community, Zip Code]

    Dear [Name of HR Manager],

    With my commitment and burning passion for education, I would like to present my application for your advertised teaching job post. I have closely reviewed all the requirements and believe I am fully qualified for the position.

    I graduated from [name of college] and completed my [name of degree]. I have been teaching for the past [number] years at [name of previous school] from [starte date] to [end date]. With this experience, I am completely confident that I have got what it takes to fill in the role of the open teacher position.

    The following are my most notable accomplishments as a teacher:

    [Insert list of accomplishments in teaching career]

    I believe my dedication and strong organizational skills, as well as my ability to deliver under pressure makes me an ideal candidate for the position. Adding to that, my experience being in numerous teams helped me develop the skill of building strong relationships within a team and channeling that energy and passion into teaching.

    I have enclosed my resume for your further review and verification. Should you have any additional questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact me through the information given below. I look forward to future discussions regarding this application.



    [Name of Applicant]

    [Contact Information]

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