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    [Name of Donor or Sponsor]

    [Role or Position]

    [Name of Company or Organization]

    [Address of Company or Organization]

    Dear [Name of Sponsor],

    Our [monthly or annual] [name of event] will be held this coming [date] at [location]. Our chosen theme this [month or year] is [name of theme]. We are looking to raise $ [amount]Our organization alone cannot achieve this goal without the help of charitable individuals and companies like [you or yours].

    Which brings us to the intent of this letter. Would you consider making a donation of $ [amount] to help sponsor this important event? In doing so, you are [explain help made in achieving goal and who will benefit from the help given].

    In gratitude for the help you will provide, we will [provide incentives such as product or brand feature during the event, ads or promotional posters at the venue]We are looking forward for your help in making this event a success this [month or year].

    Please send your donation in the self addressed envelope attached to this letter or donate online to our [website name or web address].

    Thank you very much in advance for your donation and we hope to see you during the event.




    [Name of Sender]

    [Role or Position]

    [Name of Organization]

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