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    Jane Smith

    Apt 56B, Whitehaven Mansions, 

    Sandhurst Sq, London

    April 15, 2017


    John Doe

    35 Fuller Place, Brooklyn

    New York, 11215


    Dear John,

    Hi! How are you? Things have been hectic lately, but I do have some news to share -- my daughter wants to look up colleges in New York, can you believe our children are all grown up?

    That being said, instead of getting our families together at the end of summer, what do you think about moving the vacation earlier, maybe as early as June, so that our daughters can take their time deciding which colleges they may want to apply to?

    Tell me whether or not you think this is a good idea so that we may arrange the trip accordingly. We look forward seeing you and your family this summer.

    All the best,


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