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    [Name of Donor or Organization Representative]

    [Name of Company or Organization]

    [Address of Company or Organization]

    [Community, Zip Code]

    Dear [Name of Donor or Representative],

    We will be holding our annual [name of event] on [date] at [location]. This event is geared towards [goal or project] which we aim to raise a total amount of $ [target amount].

    We are looking for kind hearted sponsors who are willing to help us achieve this goal. Will you consider donating $ [amount] for this purpose? As a gesture of gratitude, we will provide you with [insert here incentives such as free product promotions or advertising on said event].

    We are hoping that we could count on your support to make this event a success for both the organization and to the beneficiaries of the event.

    Please enclose your donation within the self addressed envelope attached to this letter or send your donation through our website at [website address].

    We offer our most heartfelt gratitude for your donation and hope to see you grace our event.

    Warm regards,

    [Name of Event Organizer or Officer]

    [Role or Position]

    [Name of Organization]

    [Address of Organization]

    [Contact details]

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