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    [Name of Addresseee]
    [Job Title]
    [Name of Company]
    [Company Address]


    Dear [Name of Addresseee],

    I am writing to voice out a bad experience I had regarding the dismal customer service of your [Name of Establishment] on [Date of Incident] while I was [Include details].

    I have witnessed your employee, [Name of Employee, if known], behave in such a disrespectful manner toward your company’s clientele. Specifically, your employee [Discuss negative behavior of employee]. I was both shocked and disappointed to have been treated in such a way by a staff member of such an esteemed company. I believe that you should be aware of your employee’s actions, lest it reflects negatively on your company and its management.

    There is nothing that this reputable company has done that leads me to believe that this is the way you do business. This is why it is with concern that I report this incident on bad customer service that I hope you will communicate with the individual involved. I am open to discussing this matter further, and hope that the company responds with an acceptable solution to ensure that this incident does not happen again, to me or to your other clients.

    I look forward to hearing from your company soon.


    [Name of Client/Customer]

    [Contact Details]

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