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    [Name of Buyer]

    [Address of Buyer]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Contact Number]

    Dear Mr./Ms. [Name of Buyer]

    The purpose of this letter is to express my interest to sell my house to you as we have discussed at [place of meeting], last [date of meeting]. I have outlined the terms and conditions of the offer below:

    Property Description: [give the location of the property, its size, and other necessary details you wish to tell]

    Buyer Information: [name and address of the buyer for clarification]

    Purchase Price: [give the exact amount of purchase price]

    Earnest Money Deposit: [total amount of initial deposit per agreement, and total amount on expiration of the contingency period.]

    Inspection Period: [name of buyer] is at liberty to review all documentation associated with the above-mentioned property along with any third party reports within 30 days of the opening of the escrow. If you do not determine property to be suitable for any reason whatsoever, the initial money deposit will be returned considering the time period has not expired.

    Confidentiality: All aspects of this agreement will be held in confidence by both buyer and seller regardless of the outcome of the deal.

    If more information is needed regarding the offer, please feel free to contact me through [phone number] or at [email address].



    [Name of Seller]

    [Address of the Seller]

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