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    [Name of Seller]

    [Address of Seller]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear Mr./Ms. [Name of Seller]

    [Buying party’s company name] is pleased to accept the purchase offer made for the acquisition of the property at [address of property]. This letter sets forth the terms and conditions that [buying party] offers as they relate to the proposed acquisition.

    1. Purchase Price: [get to finalize the total purchase price and payables]

    1. Clarifications of terms: [clarify the main terms of the transaction that have been addressed during the last meeting or correspondence]

    1. Extensive conditions: [relating to financing or board approval on the buyer’s part that must be imposed to the seller in which it may not negotiate with any other party. This also limits the exclusivity period of the offer. And other terms when conditions are not fulfilled].

    Do let me know a convenient time when we can meet to discuss further details and necessary preparations for the purchase. We would also like to have a look at the property before finalizing any deal. Feel free to contact me on [insert phone number] or at [insert email address] to fix up a meeting place at your convenience.

    Looking forward to your positive response in this regard.



    [Your Name]

    [Position in Company]

    [Name of Buying Company]

    [Address of Company]

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