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    Applicant’s Name

    Applicant’s Address

    City/State/ZIP Code

    Applicant’s Contact Number

    Applicant’s Email Address

    Date of Application

    Name of HR


    Company Name

    Company Address

    City/State/ZIP Code

    Dear Mr./Ms. ________________:

    Hello and good day!

    This letter is in response to your Part time job advertisement in [SPECIFY WHERE THE ADVERTISEMENT IS FOUND] on [SPECIFY THE DATE].

    I am positive that the qualities you are looking for match the qualities that I possess. I am currently studying at [INSERT SCHOOL], taking up [INSERT DEGREE PROGRAM] and I am in my[ ___ ]year. I have no problem communicating with different types of people, whether verbally or in writing. I also have good management skills and can work in groups.

    For additional information regarding my background, please refer to the attached resume. I would very much like an opportunity to dIscuss your specific need for the position and clarify any questions that you may have regarding my application. You may reach me through my personal contact number or email address referred above.

    Thank you very much for taking the time in reading my letter.

    Sincerely yours,


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