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  • How to Make a Vehicle Lease Transfer Letter Sample

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    [Name of Lessee]

    [Street Address]

    [City, State] [Zip/Postal Code]


    [Name of Vehicle Dealer]


    [Name of Dealership]

    [Street Address]

    [City, State] [Zip/Postal Code]


    Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. [SURNAME OF VEHICLE DEALER],

    I would like to request your approval for a transfer of my lease on the vehicle described above, as I [PROVIDE EXPLANATION FOR EARLY TERMINATION OF THE VEHICLE LEASE]. I have reviewed the Lease Agreement between us dated [DATE OF AGREEMENT], and it is provided that you allow a transfer of the lease on the vehicle as long as [CONDITIONS FOR LEASE TRANSFER]. As such, I am making this request as early as now so you will have time to decide on the matter.

    My assignee will be [NAME OF ASSIGNEE], who is my [RELATION]. Beforehand I have already made sure that he/she currently has a good relationship with his/her bank, and that he/she can succeed the responsibilities of the lease without compromising the lease transaction with you. He/She has also been made aware of the terms of our Lease Agreement, and has expressed her willingness to have the transfer effective as soon as you give the go signal. The following pertinent documents are enclosed with this letter for any purpose they may serve: [LIST PERTINENT DOCUMENTS]. 

    I hope for your utmost consideration on the matter at hand. 

    Thank you very much.

    Sincerely yours,

    [Name of Lessee]

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