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    [Name of Sender]

    [Role or Position in Organization or Company]

    [Address of Sender]

    [Community, Zip Code]




    [Name of Recipient]

    [Role or Position in Organization]

    [Address of Recipient]


    Dear [Name of Recipient],


    I have recently heard about [Name of Recipient Organization] and have given deep thought reflection on the goals and the driving force behind your organization. I am impressed by the work that your organization does and provides to the community. I admire the methods by which your organization utilizes the resources provided and how they are put to good use for the benefit of those in the community.

    You will find attached to this letter a check made payable to your organization as a contribution to your continued efforts for [name cause]. Thank you for all efforts and contributions your organization has made for the community. I hope for your continued progression and success towards the cause. Keep up the good work.


    [Name of Sender]

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