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    [Name of Donor]

    [Address of Donor]

    [Community, Zip Code]

    Dear [Name of Donor],

    [Insert narrative or story relating to your cause or beneficiary]

    With our [name of program or project], we are constantly looking for solutions to the problems facing [name of cause or project]. Sad to say, our efforts are not enough as we need your help to further provide assistance and solutions to [name of cause or project].

    Your minimal donation of $ [amount] can greatly help our cause and contribute to the continued success of our mission and goals to help [name problem or cause for project].

    We thank you in advance for your donation and continued support for our cause. Rest assured that your donation will go to the betterment of [name of cause or project].

    You can send your donations via our self addressed envelope attached to this letter or donate online to [name of website or web address].

    Thank you again for your continued support and donation.



    [Name of Sender]

    [Role or position in organization]

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