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    [Candidate Name]

    [Candidate Address]

    City, State, Zip Code

    [Contact Information]

    Dear [Candidate Name],

    [Company Name] is pleased to extend this job offer for the position of [Role or Position]. We are very excited of your potential and the contributions you will be able to make for the team and the company.

    You will be working at our [Location] office under the [Name of department] department. You will be directly reporting to [Name of Superior] [Role or position of superior]. Work hours will be from Monday to Friday [Start Time] to [End Time]. 

    You will be tasked to do the following: [Provide list of tasks and responsibilities]. Compensation will be [Amount] annually to be paid out in [weekly or monthly] payments in accordance to our existing payroll calendar.

    We will expect you to be at our office on [Employment Start Date] at [Employment start time] in our [Location] office should you accept this job offer. This employment shall be considered at will and may be terminated at any given time for valid reasons under the employment and labor code standards.

    Please confirm by or before the end of business hours on [Expiry date] in order for us to process your employment. Send a signed duplicate copy of this offer letter along with the requirements to the address below. For any other questions or clarifications regarding this offer, please contact us with the same details provided for below.

    We are looking forward to you joining the team as you will be a very welcome addition to our growing number of successful and satisfied employees contributing to the further success of the company.



    [Name of Company Representative]

    [Role or Position]


    [Contact Information]



    [Name of Candidate]

    [Date Signed]

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