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    Dear [Name of Address#];

    Due to personal reasons that I do not wish to disclose, I recently found that my circumstances have changed and that I will have to step down from my post. I am therefore writing this email to inform you that I am resigning from my job as [job title] for [name of company]. This email will serve as my two-week notice. My last day will be on [date].

    Thank you for the opportunities that you granted me during my time at this company. I hope you understand that this is a very difficult decision for me to make. Please do not hesitate to inform me how I could be of any assistance to you during this transitionary period. I would gladly assist you in any way I can to help facilitate in the passing of my responsibilities to my future successor.

    I hope you understand my situation, as your support will mean very much to me. I wish you and the company all the best for your future endeavors. Have a good day ahead.


    [Your Name and Signature]

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