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    [Name of Sender or Name of Organization]

    [Address of Sender or Organization]

    [Street Address]

    [City Address]

    [State, Zip Code]


    Dear [Name of Donor],

    [Insert short story or narrative relating to your organization and the beneficiaries which will appeal to emotions of the donor].

    Our community is currently facing [name issues or problems] that our organization is constantly trying to help with. While we are giving our best efforts, we still need help from individuals and companies. Your help is very crucial to our longstanding efforts in [name of problem or issue being solved].

    If you are able, we would greatly appreciate your donation of $ [amount] in helping us achieve our goals of helping [name of problem or issue being solved].

    Thank you in advance for you donation. Rest assured that your donation will go to the [name of cause or projects currently being done].

    Here are ways you could send in your donation:

    [Insert ways in which donations an be sent such as enclosed self-addressed envelope or through the organization website or web address].

    In behalf of the whole organization, we thank you once again for your continued support.

    Yours sincerely,


    [Name of Organization Leader or Head]

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