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    Applicant’s Name

    Applicant’s Address, City/State/ZIP Code

    Applicant’s Contact Number

    Applicant’s Email Address

    Date of Application

    Name of HR


    Company Name

    Company Address

    City/State/ZIP Code

    Dear Mr./Ms. ________________:

    Hello and good day!

    As a highly skilled Pediatrician, your job advertisement highly piqued my interest. The experiences I have matched with the qualifications that you are looking for at [INSERT NAME OF COMPANY], and I am certain that I can be a valuable addition to your Company.

    I excel in the following areas:


    In addition to that, I have an extensive educational background, as I am a graduate of [INSERT SCHOOL]. I am very enthusiastic and would very much like to work for the Company.

    Please review my attached resume if you have any questions or clarifications with respect to my application. I hope to follow up on my request for an appointment so I will be able to discuss my experience and expertise that meets the Company’s needs.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter.

    Sincerely yours,


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