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    Dear [Name of Address*];

    Hello. I am [Name] and I am currently a [position] at [name of company]. I have been been employed at this company for [number of months or years] and during this time, I feel that I have not been treated properly by my manager, [name of manager].

    This treatment has made it very difficult to me to remain productive at my job. The negativity that exudes from my manager’s treatment of me is preventing me from growing as a professional, and has become very discouraging on my part.

    [Explain in full detail the reasons for your complaint]. I find that such treatment is not reasonable, and upon checking the company policy on the matter, I found provisions that could lead to question my manager’s leadership skills [back up the information with sections on company policies if necessary].

    I thereby ask for your help to resolve this situation and to consider giving consequences to such actions. If not, I want you to consider placing me on a different team. Thank you for taking this matter seriously on my behalf, I hope this issue is resolved soon.


    [Your name and signature]


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