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    Dear [Name of Address*];

    I am [position] at [name of company]. As an employee in this company for the past [number of months or years] I feel that I have to bring up the issue of not being treated properly by my boss, [name of boss].

    [Explain in clear and concise detail the reasons for your complaint]. This negative treatment has made it difficult for my productivity, and has been preventing me from growing in this company. Treating me in this way made feel discouraged and has been detrimental on my performance at work. This behavior is unfair and unreasonable for a person of such stature. I also believe that this is against the company policies. In fact, I found provisions that can question the leadership skills of my boss. [Backup the information with sections on company policies if necessary].

    With your help, I kindly ask that this situation be resolved, and that consequences be given for such unprofessional actions. Thank you for taking this matter seriously on my behalf; I hope this issue is resolved as swiftly as possible.


    [Your name and signature]


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