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    [Company Name]

    [Full Address]

    [Phone Number]

    [Email Address]




    [Name of Marketing Agent]

    [Full Address]

    [Phone Number]

    [Email Address]

    Sub: Appointment as marketing agent


    Dear [Name], 

    We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed as the marketing agent of [insert name of company] with immediate effect. This appointment shall continue until such time it is terminated, in writing, by either party. 

    As our marketing agent it is your duty to advertise and promote our products and services, with the focus on creating strategies to increasing sales. You are to regularly communicate with necessary departments in the company as well as our customers. Our products and services are as follows: 

    No. Product [enumerate the products and/or services your company provides]

    1. [Product or service]

    2. [Product or service]

    3. [Product or service]

    4. [Product or service]

    The company is endorsing the agreement with this appointment letter. You are requested to sign on copy and send the other back to us. For any additional questions and clarifications, feel free to contact me through [phone number] or [email address]. 

    Thank you and we look forward to be in business with you. 

    Yours Sincerely,


    [Your Full Name]


    [Company Name]

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