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    [Name of Donaa]

    [Role or Position of Donaa in Company]

    [Address of Donaa]

    Dear [Name of Donaa],

    Thank you for your donation of $ [spelled out amount] [numerical amount] to the [name of organization] dated [date of donation]. [Name of organization] was established in support of [name of cause or different causes] by [name of founder or board of directors]. Rest assured that your monetary support will greatly help the organization to further succeed in its goals.

    [Name of organization] is a [type of organization] which allows your donation to be tax deductible as per limit allowed by law. No exchange of any goods or services were made in exchange for your charitable donation.

    Thank you so much for your continued support.


    [Name of Organization]



    [Name of Organization’s Representative]

    [Role or Position]

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