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    Dear [Name of Addressee];


    As previously discussed with you on several occasions, the company has seen serious concern regarding your job performance within your position. Specifically, we are concerned with your lack in motivation to reach your daily targets. Over the past few weeks/months you have failed to improve your performance, despite the best efforts of others within your team. This is in direct violation to our previous agreement regarding the necessary improvements to be made in order to keep your post.


    Numerous complaints from your colleagues have warranted an investigation regarding your performance, as this directly affects your team. Among the complaints that we received include, but are not limited to the following: [list employee complaints pertaining to performance, in detail].


    As per your resume and credentials, we believed you to be an asset to the company. However, that does not seem to be the case. Such performance may reflect negatively on your team overall, which is why we warn against such employees.


    As stated in previous meetings, your performance is not considered acceptable according to company standards. Should we fail to see improvement on your part, we shall be forced to address this issue and take more serious disciplinary actions against you, including suspension or termination as the we see fit.


    Should you find these performance appraisals untrue or unjust, please air all of your grievances to the Human Resources Department. You may also address the issue to any person in management, so that we may arrange to have a conversation regarding the matter at hand and discuss the issue further.

    We expect you to take this warning seriously and find significant improvement in your performance hereafter, if you wish to keep your position in the company.




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