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    [Your Name]

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    [Name of Recipient]

    [Role or Position in Company]

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    Dear Mr./Ms. [Name of Recipient]

    I am sending this letter today to explain to you about the bad experience I had at [insert name of company] on [insert date] when I was [give reason as to how you got in contact with the company].

    That day, [give account to what have transpired in terms of the service they provided to you]. It is appalling to witness the employee [give name of employee if known or his/her position in the company] of such a respected company to behave in such a manner. [Give the specific details or occurrence where the poor service was given]. I was shocked and disappointed to have been treated that way. I have been a patron of this company for [give number of years where business was made], and what transpired would put your company in a negative light.

    I trust that this issue be resolved immediately and for Mr/Ms. [insert name of employee] to be reprimanded for his/her actions. I am open to discussing the matter further and should hope that you will respond with a solution to prevent this incident from happening again.



    [Your Name]

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