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    [Name of Sender or Applicant]

    [Address of Applicant]

    [Community, Zip Code]

    [Contact Information]


    [Name of Recipient]

    [Job title or Role]

    [Name of University]

    [Address of University]

    [Community, Zip Code]

    Dear [Name of Recipient],

    It is with great pleasure that I present my application for your post of Lecturer for [name of university]. With my [number] years of experience as an instructor for university students at [name of former university], I am looking forward to making a significant contribution to your school being a lecturer. 

    The following are the highlights of my qualifications:

    [Enter list of major qualifications related to the job post]

    With a degree in [major study] and [number] years of experience in teaching, I believe I have what it takes to fill the position. Please see attached resume and other documents to support this application. 

    I would very much like to fill the lecturer position and look forward to hearing positive news from your good office regarding my application. I will now remain patient in hearing from you and yet remain eager to hear of the good news.

    Thank you for taking time to read through this application. For any other questions or clarifications regarding my application, please don’t hesitate to call me with the contact information shown above.

    Yours sincerely,

    [Signature of Applicant]

    [Name of Applicant]

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