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  • 60 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy Letter Sample

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    Dear [Name of Addressee];

    I regret to inform you that this letter shall serve as a 60-day notice of termination of your tenancy. I shall expect that the premises be vacated by [date]. While this decision has not been made lightly, I have come to the decision to terminate your lease due to the following reasons: [State reasons clearly].

    Due to this unexpected circumstance, I would like to ask that any mail that still makes its way to the leased property should be forwarded to your new address. Please do not forget to send me your forwarding address so that we may be able to communicate effectively. Your security deposit shall be forwarded to your new address as outlined in our terms and agreement. Please take note that an inspection with a member of the management shall also need to go over to inspect the property and check for any possible issues. Please ensure that all utilities and bills are paid in full, and transferred out of your name upon vacating the premises.

    Should you have any more questions regarding the matter, please do not hesitate to reach me on my phone at [number] or by email at [email address]. Please inform me as soon as possible regarding the most convenient time we can make the inspections as necessary.

    Thank you so much for your kind understanding. May you have a good day ahead.


    [Your name and signature]

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